The key point can not be ignored in the construction of the chain visitors click behavior

outside the chain of the site construction is a key ring in the process of optimization, as the optimization personnel, we are constantly selling the chain of high quality. Especially in Shanghai this year launched the love: Scindapsus algorithm, a large complement and later: bead chain algorithm. We can see that these two algorithms are constantly driven by owners outside the chain of more high-quality construction. The stability of weight but many owners to define the quality of the chain is often limited to the value chain, the chain and the chain of correlation, while ignoring a key point is also very important, that is whether the chain can let the target visitors click action. read more

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The website was hacked to do [solutions]

1, view the web page source code (in the "right click" view source "), whether there has nothing to do with the content of the web site links, and garbled text.

1, open the web site (normal access), head of each page in the source code or tail (minority will appear elsewhere) can be found in the accumulation of links corresponding to add their own external links, the user is not found to add their own.

(not be familiar with the operation of FTP and the website backstage business users can open new technical support to business district posts for help, there will be a special technology for you!) read more

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Eight details are easy to overlook the website of Shanghai Dragon

optimization in general is internal and external optimization optimization, a lot of time some people will feel optimization done worse than others, but also very hard. But why the website optimization for so long, the effect is not ideal, not others do well? Is often we ignore some of the details in the process of optimization, so the optimization effect is not obvious to us. Details determine success or failure, this is an eternal truth.

and URL

Shanghai dragon

website has now replaced the important position of the keyword, but it is now a lot of people are not very concerned with this description now is not only helpful to keywords ranking, but also help users on the website of the judge. First determine your core keywords, and then focus on the core keywords arrangement and combination of key phrases or sentences. Coupled with the business scope, such as product / service, industry positioning, and corporate names or brand names. The description should be a sentence containing the target keywords, summarizes the website, to meet the user’s reading habits. read more

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Combat experience how smooth and fast out of the sandbox love Shanghai

two does not rely on search engines to ip

(1) classification website is a good place to have a variety of classification is associated with you, and with the donkey (about 58), people, and other large classified sites of huge advertising costs put in effect must be good we borrow their force post when language >

a content + Chain

for the chain to pay particular attention to a new station outside the chain, do not send out the deleted 10 links sent yesterday today to get up to check the remaining 2, this love will take you to the Shanghai station. Recommended to go to A5, so new bookmarks, BBS signature place to do outside the chain, the number up, new snapshot can change the friendship connection. read more

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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee released documents on site 404 problems

OK, I admit defeat. Brief:

talk about 404 issues today, recently read a very interesting website found in the process of case, the site was filled with a lot of junk information, it is found that after the timely delete, this point is worthy of recognition. Under normal circumstances, the normal site will automatically return 404 status code, search engine update and delete, to avoid the negative impact on the users of the website and search engine. The only problem is that the site only delete the content, not any of the main content page is preserved, not 404. Of course, there is a 200 status code returned to normal websites only delete the content after the reminder "the content has been removed, but it is not. At present this collection can be found in URL 200 贵族宝贝cang.baidu贵族宝贝/Lee/snap/3b0a0cc8e7d7899facd36fad.html still returned to normal, and the consequences: the search engine will cost a lot of resources in this page is invalid, then the same loss used on important page resources will be a lot of crowding, as can be imagined, high quality page will be affected in some performance of search engine. After many communication we operate under the students still further processing. I think, in twenty-first Century second for ten years, should no longer exists this problem. read more

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n 2016 9 external chain website layout

love Shanghai canceled the chain, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er novices do not know how to optimize the site, and the site of the external promotion of the workload is very large, if the wrong way, it is easy to be K station.

so specific how should we do? Just like the Shanghai dragon to share some good form of the chain for you.

1, in the forum and community to stay outside the chain of

quiz links are very important to the website promotion, many people say is not to leave the link, is actually a lack of skills, can see the figure, the man left a successful link, we can see that the mobile phone is PC question, answer, so we should do more tests. read more

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A real dragon mentality of college students in Shanghai

first entered university in our class has a lot of students choose to be part-time, I also with the past, one afternoon in a Hefei square followed ass hair leaflets, I feel very tired, my heart is not, why are we who have tried knowledge this grievance. I give up this, I started to put my sights on network business.

the University found that the university is not so good I thought. College kids love learning has very little, when the class lecture on the blackboard, the students play in the mobile phone, whether has become a thing of the It is quite common for. After the university to know the social vices, such as money worship has spread to this has been given the sanctity of the campus, there are some very rich kids on campus, they can wear brand, can every school holiday, parents have to pick up the car, some is BMW, some the opening of the Mercedes benz. Suddenly I found that I am so envy and jealousy. read more

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Don’t let sensitive words be standing on the grounds of search engine K

many of my friends to see a lot of Shanghai Longfeng article, always love Sike keyword density, found a lot of people say the keyword density is kept between 2%-8% in stationmaster net inside, feel the website keyword density is not enough, deliberately to stack keywords. I checked the website keyword density, the highest is 8.3%, the lowest 1%, as shown in figure

station of TKD is not very well written, with most of the website TKD information is used to invoke the program, it is not flexible, causing the site to be included in the search engine, search engine to determine the site content is repeated, it will appear. read more

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From the customer’s point of view on love Shanghai recommendation engine

and vertical portal better cooperation, it will undoubtedly make love in Shanghai with a large electricity supplier website to get the "win-win" effect, and this problem, "

love Shanghai recommendation engine is active users found the current or potential demand, active push information, applications and services to users of Internet technology. Cross domain recommendation is a recommendation engine based on the emphasis on the use of general recommendation technology, cross platform information, applications and services recommended. read more

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How the enterprise website and search engine optimization on Shanghai dragon a love

already said, the biggest problem is that we only to improve their own quality, the search engine will attract us, will risk being laws opposition with me, so I do website optimization which is the focus of the analysis, and is divided into nine points to discuss, hope you communicate with me.

2, the website structure optimization: as your introduction, you just started to meet with each other, to introduce their family to each other, as well as the structure of the site must be clear, to ensure that your user page or search engine came to normal quickly open and see what you do what. The search engine doesn’t love Flash, iFrames and Java script script too much, so keep the site clean and tidy, conducive to the search engine spiders to crawl faster and more accurate understanding of your website and you. read more

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Cold stone how to combine industrial project and Shanghai dragon

2, analysis of its advantages.

3, with the advantage of others.

1, analysis of the local natural advantages.

own Shanghai dragon and the establishment of the technology, assuming no funds to invest, can be tied to familiar with the business development together, because they have money, you can not understand the technology, cooperation. You have a buddy, named Wen Zi, "

learning Shanghai dragon, learning website, the purpose is to make money through the network can achieve some day in the future, passive income. Personally think that a lot of Wangzhuan form, a lot of people become the envy of the master in the higher fields, assuming today want to borrow Shanghai dragon to make money, simply relying on online posts to do some difficulty, learned Shanghai dragon and the establishment of the people know that the technology is not difficult, for a period of time to exercise if you want to master the basic skills, through technical transformation through the network, also need the help of line project. Wangzhuan = + + + project of Shanghai Longfeng station to look, this simple formula that is the most difficult to determine and implement the project. Select the project is actually not so difficult to imagine, the key is to position yourself well, know that they are a few pounds, analyze their advantages in which, in which their own strengths, the biggest advantage of play to the extreme can have the greatest productivity. The crap improper food to eat, how to choose a project? Don’t worry, then I will put my thoughts long winded a few words, for reference: read more

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Give a model of a car company’s Web site to do a brief diagnosis of Shanghai Dragon

It sounded like a Keywords and long tail keywords marketing type

2, for the enterprise type of site in terms of estimation is to sell products, or join agents (i.e. find agents). So the website planning and positioning is very important:

> 5

of your target customers, this is of course your industry insiders are most clearly, so it is best to have the pre planning website to participate in the sales department. Through a detailed understanding of the target customers are most concerned about and worry about a website, to achieve the customer in the browse the site, dispel all care and worry in his heart, coupled with the overall structure of the site looks very professional, beautiful atmosphere, have the strength to hook visitors and telephone counselling single desire. read more

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Analysis a new station on the line optimization of my ideas

second, a new station on the line after my own content update strategy. The new station is submitted in October 9th second days in Shanghai is love love Shanghai included, included the author to update the article, you can see the updated article is October 11 at present is included, the contents of the author’s idea is after submission of love Shanghai, within the normal working day every day to write good articles. Sometimes a sometimes 2, the reason is that the operation of the new line, you can add a lot of articles, but the number is too often their thinking would be limited, inadvertently into repeating a dead end, the result is that the quality is low, although a different title but the user is not very new, let alone. The search engines look not said any fresh sense and value, so the idea of the author is to grasp the quality, every morning while clear When writing an article to the 2 high quality articles, can be released, although this time they are updated every day but the love of Shanghai was indifferent, I think this is normal, need not be impatient, patience is the key, so to do it in the station of the new. read more

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Experience the website is linked to the horse, how to keep the rankings

Before 3,


We all know that

1, the web page and program revision, the replacement of the FTP space, and set up a "read-only", to prevent another attack

is telling a solution, he needs to tell you a basic situation of the website, 1, domain name age more than 1 years; 2, the website linked to the phenomenon of the horse found earlier; 3, keyword index is about 200.

1 home, black chain is love Shanghai included, and report dangerous website


2, Robots shield spider, update the Robots file read more

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For you to resolve now sites are often black reasons

from the literal meaning, open source program source code is open to the public, so the website what vulnerabilities will be found, it will be the first time in the network upload, if we can make the corresponding patch, so the site can easily be black. However, we have to consider the benefits of open source program. The first is a free open source, can greatly reduce the cost of development, we are very love it; secondly, the open source program to facilitate the development of two times, easy to expand our post on the website function; thirdly, the open source program is free, if the site maintenance service is not good, we are easy to site to other companies, so the choice of open source the program website is very good choice. read more

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A few site is down right up

4, included a large number of reducing

snapshot suddenly stop

site is down right there are many, not necessarily is the one place you do not, the site is generally used to punish "integral punishment system" that is to say, the site has a place to do is not good, then the search engine will give the site a sub plot, the cumulative punishment standard reached that might lead to the search engine punishment, punishment in general form, right down, ranking disappear, flow reduction, and even K station etc.. Well not much to say other, into the business, how to judge the site is down right. read more

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Confessions of a grass root entrepreneurs entrepreneurship is a close call gameHow entrepreneurs lev

may be luckier. Xu Xiaoping was moved by me and gave me some money. I forgot how to fix my first few team brothers, I remember when I went to our CTO wife for dinner, I talked to her, she is not technical, very smart, very smart, she firmly told my friends say, this one can, you do it together.

recently, I and the entrepreneur emcee Li Yanglin made an online interview, just go back to what you say, even a few drops of tears, really touched myself, I hope you will love, know there is such a idiot, go such a long way, hope you also like me. No longer confused, anxious to give up, chasing the dream. read more

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love the mule Taobao guest single page of the whole operation stationChina nternet business facti

choose a good use of the CMS program to do a website is crucial for Taobao’s general guest website CMS program can, novice I personally recommend using ZBLOG, simple and convenient, the Taobao customer program to the new plate also provides some simple procedures, some basic people can choose their own familiar the program, one of the most important point to consider is the safety problem, too many programs do not use loopholes, provide free download online everywhere when used to note that there is no back door, a lot of people do Taobao customers, website ranking and flow up to do, finally could not come to see their original money. The PID was modified, this is the website security problem, I personally used CMS a lot, I recommend the CMS Empire, I used a CMS vulnerability at least. read more

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Melon seed used car why encountered April siegendividuals can carry out several websites to make mo

over reliance on advertising melon seeds used car

1, swipe credit card,

before and after the Spring Festival holidays, the entire second-hand car trading market entered the off-season, but the melon seeds used car during this period, through the TV advertising and video site patches put in excess of 100 million yuan advertising spending. After the end of the Spring Festival, the advertising effect was concentrated in March.

according to third party monitoring data show that from February 16th onwards, the melon seeds used car ads really stalled for ten days, after a short week of re seeding, so far no normal action. read more

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Network hard venture Road three years of college students twoA bitter force webmaster four years of

does not shop, then go to the factory to work. Finally, in a fitness equipment factory stabilized inside, is like a site all day labor workers, pull the car, and cement all day dealing with.

bought the computer, I began to play , go to the movies, some of the first play should be played. Then go to work during the day, and go home at night to learn how to make money online.

me, a real country kid, born in a village in Jiangsu, Pizhou. When I was a little boy, my parents told me that I would be successful in college after I grew up. read more

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