The ink is wonderful the website viscosity and loyalty

3Q war had aroused all kinds of domestic groups discussed by chance in a group product manager, heard someone mentioned, Tencent QQ viscosity and high loyalty 360 too much, and 360 have no power to resist, the wonderful chess ink would like to put forward my own objection.

in the wonderful chess ink, viscosity and loyalty are two completely different concepts. What is viscosity? Product viscosity is more expressed by the user’s frequency and dependence on the product. Users can obtain value from the product to meet their own needs, users can be attracted by the outstanding features of the product, use and long-term use, and this is the product viscosity. For example, we often use the QQ, we can not do without this interpersonal based communication, and even social tools. For example, most people are able to endure a lot of pop ups and read online updates on their ebook chapters, which are reflections of viscosity. Sites with high viscosity tend to meet users’ needs in a certain way or in many ways. At this point, it was too early to think that product loyalty was too high. read more

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Old Xie some personal advice for ADMN5

recently Laoxie I am also very busy, in the operating activities of some enterprises of soft promotion, so have a period of time not in this place and they ADMIN5 chat today, while the rest on Saturday, and we talk about the development of Chinese personal webmaster, and I love the ADMIN5, for ADMIN5, I have to say thank you, is changed by ADMIN5 China webmaster, ADMIN5 makes the individual stationmaster gradually drawing together, ADMIN5 is a lot of achievements in the work of the stationmaster is ADMIN5, the achievements of the dream, the old Xie myself. read more

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Stationmaster learns to be a man, must see 6 little stories

1, tolerant

, a pig, a sheep and a cow, was held in the same corral. Once the shepherd caught piglets, it howl loudly, violently resisted. Sheep and cows hate it howl, he said: "he often catch us, we do not shout and wrangle. The pig answered and said, "catching you and catching me are two different things. He catches you but your hair and your milk, but it’s my life to catch me,


different positions and conditions of the people, it is difficult to understand each other’s feelings; others so frustrated, frustration, pain, should not gloat, but should be caring, understanding mood. Have a forgiving heart, read more

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The stationmaster wants to prepare for the next job

if T is compared to a person, that level is the basis, level, experience and so on how wide, that vertical is how deep professional knowledge.

, four years ago, I dropped out of school and went home to work as a full-time station owner. I spent second years with my friends. Up until last year to participate in the work, from Guangzhou to Huaian to Zhuhai, after a few days ago until the 2011 National Party of NanChang Railway Station station software zhulang salon owners officially joined the end of the waves. read more

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The national strike partnership scam to rectify the profiteers

received this now. One hundred million words of technology, together with QQ,.

in order to meet the joint inspection of the thirteen ministries and commissions, it is necessary to make the following notice to the customer:

1, notify customers to do self-examination of the network content, we must pay attention to!


understands the content of the client server (focus on figuring out whether to provide interactive services such as a virtual host, BBS, etc.)

2, in order to meet the 2008 Olympic Games, every virtual host server client, must install illegal information interception software (, appeared several times to prevent illegal information, if not installed, a given warning, two direct close server. read more

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Share the experience and plan of the forum construction

my forum has been built for almost two months, and has accumulated a great deal in this process. I would like to share my experience with you. It may be too rough and bad. If there is any mistake, please point out.

1. Forum positioning

feels that the forum’s "personalization" is not the most important one. What is important is that I am the position of the forum. If it is too personal, it may only be accepted by one person and not accepted by most people, then…… It is very difficult to do! So, a forum is most in need of "popular", layout, style, set (this is especially important for example), I Forum: I choose more fresh and natural style. read more

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Do a good job of data analysis, greatly enhance the efficiency of network marketing operations

recently Tan roots for some enterprises to provide Internet marketing services overall solution, found the network marketing company has a common characteristic, that is: network marketing work carried out relatively early, and has a network promotion of specialized personnel responsible for network promotion, are from Baidu for now based on SEO. And network promotion has done well, for enterprises to promote information visible in the industry website, forum. Especially one company’s SEO ranked the first page of Baidu keywords, the core position of the 10 who are all accounted for over three, generally also are several different web sites, and other places are outside the company send promotional information. read more

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Discussion on the advertisement delivery of Baidu and Sogou League link unit

advertising delivery, has been the webmaster can not avoid the problem, in the current advertising alliance, the main link unit advertising, Google, Baidu and sogou. Today, the main talk about Baidu and Sogou alliance link unit advertising issues.

one, link unit advertising introduction

link unit advertising is the simplest keyword advertisement. In general, a set of ads consists of four or five keywords. Since the link unit ads are not directly click on the accounting fees, that is, the key words that you display in the link unit ads are not advertisements directly put by advertisers. Only when visitors click these keywords into the appropriate advertising display page and click on the ads displayed on the page will they generate advertising commissions. read more

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Actual combat two years of local website operation thinking

and a friend just chatted, suddenly some ideas, do Internet time too long, too focused, change an angle, some different thinking: a localization site how to do?


, I have too many sites down, although it is a local site, and some inputs are also many, there are millions of, according to reason can also be smashed. One of the obvious features of these sites is that they don’t do enough localization. Imitate Sina, Taobao and so on and so many websites. And I, myself, actually do it unconsciously. read more

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Let all customers take the initiative to give me more experience in commission sharing

first of all to thank graph king, encourage retreat practice 10 years behind closed doors I come out with everyone exchanges, encourage me to use technology to make money to feed their families. And at the end of May to help me send a top of the posts forced me to Lanhuo, SOHO road.

with everyone’s expectations, I became a new light shine soho. Just like on the battlefield as recruits, immersed in honor, since that has the power to destroy everything, perhaps only when he saw the corpse, realized the human frailty and the cruelty of war, in order to become a valued tactical and combat veterans. So I started very well, because my heart is also with a very lofty feeling. When I ran a few runs, I was really into it. read more

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A small fruit and her debut movie website

, this is the first site I’ve ever made. I’d like to say, "Oh, yes, it’s purely for entertainment, not for profit." so I’m not going to put any ads on my station.

Why does

do this station,


go to work, work, eat, sleep, life like nothing else besides these, boring life, recent love movies, had to do a movie station idea, say we also engage in IT (in the network company to do odd jobs, also calculate, hee hee!!), you will have to build a nest on the Internet, prove your strength, read more

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Baidu encyclopedia cancel expansion reading unique feelings

Baidu encyclopedia recently made adjustments, will remove the expansion of reading, Baidu given the reason is to expand reading and reference materials consistent. Baidu’s approach is nothing more than to optimize the authority of Wikipedia, and fewer SEO workers use the encyclopedia to do SEO garbage chains. In fact, throughout the development of the encyclopedia, we can easily find such a product growth process. Lenient to severe. Remember when I just stepped into the society 3 years ago, at that time I didn’t know SEO, understanding of the encyclopedia is not much, the company was asked to write again the encyclopedia, I wrote it again "movie fancier" Wikipedia, the content is very simple and has also passed, it is clear that Baidu is the time in order to improve the increased popularity of content. If that encyclopedia is written here, there must be no drama. read more

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Experience in the operation of local classified information websites (Part )

after I graduated from university to go to an advertising company in Wuhan with the designers hit coolie steal graphic design, then returned to his hometown of Shandong in Zhucheng to find a job website design and program. In fact, some small companies in the local site, from the Internet with a set of CMS or enterprise source code to do the next template on the OK. Less than a year of work because they often do not give me the commission I will go out, is investigated under the network market, local Internet market still can open up, then I will create a network of information that is now in operation: Zhucheng convenience net. In June 09 years of promotion of the situation has created since PV has more than 7000 in the absence of money, IP has exceeded 1000 people, I think of a county-level city in this level is good not by spending money in local promotion under the premise, I a lot of people in the SEO group asked me how your site is free promotion, so today I will use this platform to talk about our stationmaster net this year operation experience: read more

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ntelligent station and manual station which good

              for the emergence of intelligent station in recent years, many network companies are in the evaluation, almost all do not agree with the intelligent site for the station. So, what is the difference between the bottom of the intelligent station and the manual website, intelligent station is really not desirable? Now let’s analyze:

                 ; first of all to clear up a concept, intelligent site is not self-help station. Self-help can only use the template to site, all the features are good custom framework, users only need to modify the relevant text and images can be obtained by a web site, and the establishment of the intelligent, is actually a self-help upgrade, and the intelligent optimization function not only has a website, also has its own characteristics. Intelligent site, you can customize the site, that is to say, you can make personalized web site, the biggest feature of intelligent station is that you can be separated into an independent background, this self-help Station can not be compared. read more

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Differentiation a successful password for a web site

site navigation station to blossom everywhere, is besieged on all sides. But for those who are good at innovation, it is both a challenge and a new opportunity. Why is opportunity, how to seize the opportunity,


opportunities, opportunities, opportunities, or opportunities are favorable conditions and circumstances. Well, at present, there are no favorable conditions and environment for the construction of the website station? There are still some serious analysis. At present, although the website is many, but the homogeneity phenomenon is serious, the innovation website is also extremely rare. This situation provides us with more room for innovation. As long as good at innovation, innovation is still possible in the compny site stand out a piece of heaven and earth. read more

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n the former nternet era, KEA has these nternet thinking

recently marketing industry’s most popular saying, is the Internet thinking, millet mobile phone and Huang Taiji case was repeatedly cited pancakes, even useful Internet thinking to subvert the traditional industry view. What exactly is Internet thinking? Different people may see different priorities. In fact, many often referred to the Internet thinking, IKEA has been in use. Let’s take a look at some of the frequently cited aspects of how IKEA did it.

ultimate thinking: beyond the user’s imagination read more

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Huang Zhiping another way to navigate the web site

site navigation as a product to do, like Taobao to sell things, not big and complete, small and fine, will be a way out, firstly, we analyze the general situation of the site navigation do good fixed traffic sources at present, the pressure in the site navigation station is the head of the three big mountains hao123, 265, 114la, their sites are large, to shake the very man, hao123 is the earliest site navigation like Chinaz, as we all know, 265 is his unique way of publicity and domain traffic in 114la product support, they have a fixed source of traffic, there are some fixed products of course you will flow the user contribution, said there is a lot of traffic site navigation are very good, now, they all have their own contribution to the product (such as rogue software and so on); read more

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How does the website avoid the odd appearance, the rank vanishes

on March 20, 2014, a lot of sites before the rankings are quite good, all bizarre appear, the site rankings disappeared in the hundred, even without a trace. That night, many webmasters began to frantically search for themselves, which triggered the Baidu rules, leading to the site was down right. We look at this guy, two night No:

website ranking

, as you can see from the above picture, the two sites have been restored again on the day 23, and even better than before. This can be sure that as long as their website does not violate the Baidu algorithm even if Baidu bug because of restrictions and fetters, or the database cache update caused by accidental injury, all over a period of time will give you back. So, here, I would like to suggest that as long as you conscientiously do in the station, do not easily touch the rules, then your site can do better. Of course, during this period, there must be a lot of websites really collapsed, because they did not promptly identify inappropriate optimization strategy, resulting in your site in Baidu search engine trust gradually decline. Next, I will tell you how to avoid the emergence of bizarre sites, ranking disappeared read more

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Grassroots entrepreneurship modaobuwukanchaigong

now the Internet entrepreneurial atmosphere is quite strong, especially personal website development, the grassroots Adsense pulled to the forefront of entrepreneurship. Everyone wants to make money, just thinking about making money, the road to entrepreneurship must not be good.

, many novice webmaster like to ask me such a question:

excuse me, what stand is better now? What station is it easy to make money?

How did

cheat and let the traffic flow? – as long as it was of interest. Would ask for cheating. Wait, something like that. read more

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ndustry BBS operation exploration in 2014 is the forum really going to die out

with the rapid development of micro-blog, WeChat, its coverage is far more than the traditional BBS forum, whether it is local or industry forum, BBS, to survive the future, will face enormous challenges. In fact, many local BBS have closed, webmaster of the forum is that we are more familiar with, so in 2014 the industry forum how to operate it? Compared with WeChat and micro-blog, the traditional BBS forum what advantages and disadvantages? First, micro-blog and WeChat use platform to mobile phone, but the computer can only rely on the PC BBS forum. Users can use the mobile phone micro-blog, WeChat brush roll with users are now fragmented whenever and wherever possible, the use of time, this is WeChat and micro-blog’s advantage, before love go to the forum users, now love on micro-blog and WeChat play brush. You can also build connections, and you can also comment. The impact on BBS is very large, some people say that the forum is really going to die out, I do not think so. read more

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