Hyatt expresses confidence in TT administration


first_img “So we have a lot of similar philosophies, and whether we agree everyday and see eye to eye is irrelevant. The bottom line is that it is very important that we stick together and not flip a new association because someone out there believe they can do better. We must stay the course, try to fix it and work together to make it a little better,” he said. “Our biggest issue is how they execute with zero budget. It’s just difficult to implement anything when you don’t have resources. So if I can help them execute a little better, and after a time get more sponsors confident that we are a good product to invest in, then we can get more plans executed. I have a lot of experience in business and in this sport, so I can help from a sporting administrative perspective on how to approach sponsors. This is something I have done on my own for the last ten years and I am very good at it and I want to help this particular association get that,” Hyatt added. SIMILAR PHILOSOPHIES Recently retired table tennis star Michael Hyatt gave the Godfrey Lothian administration his full vote of confidence and called on stakeholders to work together for the continued development of the sport. Speaking to The Gleaner at a press conference to announce his retirement from competitive tennis late last week, Hyatt said he was impressed by Lothian and his team and that he is confident that with his assistant in his new role as a marketing agent, they can continue to improve on the strides the current administration has made. “If I wasn’t confident in this administration and what they are doing, they can tell you, I wouldn’t be here. I, unfortunately, don’t have time to waste,” he declared. “I am very impressed with their communication and their planning. Mr Lothian and his team understand what they are doing.” Recently, Lothian’s administration has come under scathing attacks from former Jamaica Table Tennis Association Vice-president Samuel Lamont, but Hyatt believes there are more important issues than in-fighting. “There is a lot of negativity recently about what the association has done and hasn’t done. And the problem is everybody is always looking for the negative. It is so easy to complain and be negative, but what is hard is trying to figure a way to solve the problem, because that takes work, planning and requires confidence. It’s easy to talk,” Hyatt said. “Me and this administration have had our ups and downs and I look at it from a positive perspective that Mr Lothian has a passion for helping young people, like how I had a passion for helping my team when I played. Mr (Stephen) Grant (national coach) has a passion for improving players like how I have a passion to see the players do well.last_img

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