Antimatter Or Anti-Consensus?


first_imgWhere’s the antimatter?  If the universe began in a big bang, there should be equal amounts of matter and antimatter.  Instead, there is only regular matter as far as our telescopes can see.  (If antimatter were present, the annihilation of antimatter and matter would give a characteristic gamma-ray signature.)  This is a big matter; the missing antimatter has been a conundrum for decades.  Now, a new study using the Spitzer Space Telescope, reported on Science Daily, confirms that far, far too little is present.    Observations of the Bullet Cluster “rule out any significant amounts of antimatter over scales of about 65 million light years, an estimate of the original separation of the two colliding clusters,” the article said of the largest-scale study ever done in an environment that is an “excellent test site” for the search.  All they saw was only three parts per million.    The article ends by claiming that if antimatter is discovered, it might tell scientists something about inflation and how long it lasted.  This new study, however, places tighter constraints on the possibility of such a discovery.Even if they did find antimatter, it would not tell them anything about inflation.  Remember the skeleton that Sean Carroll let out of the inflationary closet? (05/11/2006).  He said that inflation does not get rid of the fine-tuning problems it was invented to solve: “the conditions required to start inflation are less natural than those of the conventional Big Bang.”    It’s time for cosmologists to call off the search for missing dark matter, missing dark energy and missing antimatter, and to start searching for antimaterial explanations for the fine-tuned cosmos we have found.(Visited 24 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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